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Build your Mind and Muscles by Mixing It Up

As we hit our strides this fall with new school, work and social schedules, the RISE instructors are calling on you to try mixing up your workout. Yes, keep it scheduled and keep it often. We all know scheduling your workout ahead of time greatly increases the likelihood of getting it done, but mixing up your workout can bring extra benefits, not only to overworked muscles but also to your mind. "It's important to vary your routine to avoid overworking the same muscles over and over again," says RISE Instructor Danielle Bollman. "Giving yourself the freedom to mix up your workouts keeps your exercise journey exciting and new." With this in mind, RISE makes sure to offer a variety of classes, adding new classes to the rotation when possible. Danielle's Hiit Pilates and Instructor Lauren Buell's Burnout are the latest new additions. "Hiit Pilates is a fusion of high intensity interval training and Pilates movements," says Danielle. "It's a high energy, low impact class that helps boost your metabolism and burn fat while maintaining a strong and stable core. I love the format of this class because it allows you to concentrate on muscular control and burn calories well after class is over." Danielle makes sure to practice what she preaches, mixing up her own workouts to keep things interesting and enjoyable while making sure her body is challenged and engaged. "It's the ultimate cross fit program," she says. "I like to spin on some days and I like a nice vinyasa flow on others." RISE's other new class Burnout is a fast-paced strength and cardio workout designed to challenge different muscle groups each week. "We use weights, bands, balls and your own bodyweight to fatigue your muscles and give you the BURN you want," says Lauren. "Modifications are always given so all levels are welcome!" Like Danielle, Lauren makes sure to mix up her routine, incorporating classes that are more strength-based and a few that are more cardio-based. "Of course, I add Barre into the mix," she says. "It may sound silly but I sign up for classes a week or two ahead of time and that keeps me accountable for going." Lauren also points out that if specific classes fit your schedule, mixing it up doesn't always mean you have to change the classes you do, but can mean changing up what you do in the class. "You can mix it up by doing more reps than you are used to, switch up your music, take a new running route," she says. "Do things differently so you don't get burnt out. RISE offers such a great variety of classes. From boxing to barre (that is actually a class sometimes!), you can get a good sweat and a good stretch depending on your mood!" Check out the RISE fall schedule, try a new class and have fun with it. "That's my challenge to you," says Danielle.


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