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A Love Note to our RISERs

Dear RISERs,

How do we LOVE (working out) with thee? In so many ways, of course! Read on to hear why our RISE instructors can’t get enough of your shining (sweaty) faces this Valentine's Day and every day at RISE.

Wishing you LOVE, JOY and WELLNESS,

Katelyn Kaese


L - Literally where I spend all my time

O - Outrageous love and fun

V - Very much my family

E - Every day is a new adventure

O - Opportunities to make me my best self

F - Fitness fun for everyone

R - Ready to share the love with all around us

I - Interested in each individual

S - Seriously the BEST place in town

E - Everyone should come here, and why, because RISE cares!!!

Jen Benkert

I love the bond we have as a community and how we all support and motivate one another. BUT the best thing is how it’s a judgement-free zone! Everyone is at different levels in their fitness journey and we are all athletes when we come together at Rise.

Allison Billingsley

There is nothing more beautiful than a bunch of individual RISERS coming together at the same time and same place to work on their own special goals, in their own unique ways, with the togetherness of a team. I am grateful for each and every day I get to Rise with TEAM RISE!

Rachel Beard

RISE: You give me energy, my love, as I walk into your grand training space and witness the passing of sweaty energized RISERs leave your warmth and fresh motivated RISERs coming back for more. The passing of community RISERs boosts my energy and fuels my own motivation. Your guests make this dedicated space come alive. The sounds of dumbbells hitting your wood floor, sliders gliding across, blocks being placed and resistant bands being snapped and pulled brings your place alive. The grunts and groans of your guests and the loud music you provide feed yet, challenges my love for you.

Danielle Bollman

What do I love most about RISE? The community! The amazing team I get to work with who are all so supportive of each other and the clients who continue to show up and give their all. It's a small studio with a huge heart and I'm so proud to be part of it!

Lauren Buell

I LOVE all the positive energy created by the RISE community. To be surrounded by such devoted, genuine, strong, supportive and inspiring people is one of the greatest gifts of my LIFE! THANK YOU RISE!

Carin Fanter

What I love about RISE is that whether I am teaching or taking a class, everyone shows up to be their absolute best. Early morning, midday or late evening, everyone is ready to bring it and work hard, every.single.time.

Katie LaDow

I LOVE that when I'm done teaching a class at RISE, I am always in the BEST mood. I love seeing the familiar smiling faces, joking around with clients who have become friends, and sweating together to boost not only our physical health, but mental and emotional health as well! I feel so very lucky to be part of this amazing community.

Emily Lobdell

I love RISE because it’s about total wellness not just “come to our gym and get the best work out”. It’s a workout AND a work in!

PD Menzel

The energy at Rise is contagious and it starts with each and every one of us deciding to RISE! We each choose the way we Rise and the day and time we Rise - but when the energy and the movement and the music come together, WE RISE TOGETHER!

Cara Kinna


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