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RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle loves hearing from our inspiring, motivated clients. These testimonials reinforce the hard work our instructors put into each class, every week. They also help tell the story of this awesome fitness community.

Here is a recent client testimonial that speaks to the importance of making yourself a priority so that you can live your best life and be the best version of yourself!

Thanks, M, for sharing this with us! Keep rocking those burpees, squats, and tabatas!


I’ve been waiting for my 1-year RISE anniversary post to appear on Facebook memories. Last year, before joining RISE, I was broken. I was angry that my body had put on so much weight during my second pregnancy, and I felt like it quit on me in delivery. I was coping with what I would find out is PPD/PTSD, but I just thought I couldn’t get my act together. RISE Fitness saved me and empowered me to make myself and my health a priority.

In the past year, I’ve almost lost all the baby weight that originally made me walk through those orange doors. However, after a year, I've learned that losing weight isn’t the most important aspect of working out. Rather, it’s the mental benefits and small physical changes that make all the difference. I get a thrill knowing I can move up in weights, grab the bigger kettlebell, complete an entire circuit (multiple times), squat just a little lower on the barre, hold a plank, or do an insanely hard move on the TRX simply because I am STRONGER. And after all, strong is the new skinny! I can now run multiple laps and complete an entire tabata without stopping, and I haven’t tripped or fallen since that first day. Dropping a kettlebell before I’m completely awake is a different story. When the workout gets challenging, I take rests and I reset, but I don’t quit. I can’t quit. I’m worth more than that.

I walked in knowing no one and feeling like maybe I wouldn’t fit in at the studio. Now, I recognize people in every class, and I even have women who are supporting me and I’m supporting them in our fitness journeys. The community and support is real, and I can’t believe I was ever worried what people would think about me and my postpartum body. Additionally, I was incredibly intimidated by the trainers. But in reality, the instructors at RISE are the most motivating, supportive, encouraging people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. My mental strength has grown most. Now, I know I can. I know I will. I know I’m worth more than a number on a scale or the size of my pants (although it feels REALLY good to be back in my old size...). I see my daughter get excited to go to mommy’s workout. She loves to “shuffle shuffle drop,” and I catch her playing with my light weights at home because, in her words, “She just needed a quick workout." RISE has instilled in me the confidence to be the role model she deserves. Eating healthy and exercising isn’t something we have to do – it’s something we GET to do.

Even though it’s been a year, I realize this is only the beginning. I couldn’t be more proud of the woman I am becoming or feel luckier to be part of this amazing community. Thank you, RISE Fitness!

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