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Importance of Varied Workouts

You guys… we already know the importance of and many benefits of exercise. But to remind you (and me) why we often RISE before the sun to fit in our coveted exercise class, here’s a few key reasons working out is so beneficial:(1)


  • Reduces blood pressure, and lowers the risk of arthritis and developing Type 2 diabetes

  • Boosts immune system functionality

  • Keeps your body in check: weight, body mass index, and calorie burn

  • Builds muscle mass and aerobic power while keeping your bones strong

  • Increases your energy (gotta love endorphins!) and improves mood

  • Ensures a good night’s sleep

  • Improves memory and lowers the risk of dementia

  • Feels like fun – especially at RISE Fitness & RISE Cycle (or so we are told!)

Now, let’s address the importance of varied workouts. That is, mixing up your scheduled classes so that it’s not the same workout schedule on repeat, week after week. While you may find classes you love, it’s vital to keep your body guessing what’s coming next. Here are some key benefits to changing up your workout routine:(2,3)


  • Keeps you from plateauing during your fitness journey

  • Variety allows your body to repair between more intense workouts

  • Prevents burnout and boredom

  • Challenges your body, resulting in a greater calorie burn

  • Improves weight loss

To add more weight to the importance of mixing up your workouts, experts say that even if you stick to the same healthy diet, keeping the same exercise patterns allows your body to get used to a standard exercise routine that, over time, uses less energy and, therefore, burns fewer calories.

You may be wondering, what does a varied workout routine look like? While it’s helpful to switch up your workouts daily, your complete weekly routine should be changed up every two to four weeks for optimum results. Why? Because your body has to work harder than it would with repetitiveness, keeping it guessing and working it in new ways.(3)

When’s the last time you tried a new class? Are you feeling like you’ve hit a plateau on your fitness journey? Exercising intentional variety in your workout routine may be the simple solution!


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