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Hitting up HIIT Kettlebell

The alarm beeps all too loud. The sun is barely awake itself, but you roll out of bed, ready to kick off your day with a kick-butt class at RISE Fitness with the ever-so-peppy and motivating Carin Fanter.

While you may wonder at that moment, “Why am I up right now?,” the 1-minute plank at the end of class is a welcome 60 seconds to connect with your body before embarking on your often all-too-busy day.

Though you may look at your 5-pound, 10-pound, 15-pound, 20-pound, or heavier kettlebell as a form of self-torture, know the methods used in class are helping you RISE to be the best version of yourself.

When your palms get sweaty, and you worry you might lose the grip on your kettlebell and it swing into the mirror and shatter it into a million pieces, know that same concern has entered the minds of your fellow RISERs.

If an A-B set consists of star jump burpees and jumping lunges, or around-the-world squats and partner jumps, and seems overly daunting, know that the pain is temporary but that the results these exercises deliver are permanent.

Sixty minutes of RISE HIIT Kettlebell. That is no easy feat. But the RISE Fitness class is designed to push your beyond your limits; help you achieve your personal goals; and deliver calorie burn long after class is over.

While being greeted by a very chipper and happy instructor before the sunrise feels unnatural, know that the RISE team is here for you. Each workout can be tailored to your needs, your body, your fitness level, and your determination. And the RISE staff and instructors are there to cheer with and for you.

RISE up and hit up RISE HIIT Kettlebell to find out if this killer, 600-plus calorie-burning class is for you. We can guarantee that when you leave class 60 minutes later, you’ll feel fatigued but in an oh-so-thankful way... happy that you carved out an hour for YOU.

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