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What is 60 minutes long, burns up to 650 calories, and targets every muscle group in a low impact way? Cycle classes. And if you’ve tried a RISE Cycle class, you’ll understand how this sweat-inducing workout can bring the heat—to your muscles and by sweating out those toxins.

RISE Cycle opened in October 2015, and has been met with open arms by the RISE Fitness and Glen Ellyn communities. It filled a missing niche for both athletes and recreational exercisers, and did so in a way that appeals to anyone who sits on the saddle and snaps in for 45 minutes of training.

While nothing compares to a ride on an open road, with the wind blowing in your face and the sunshine kissing your skin, our Midwest climate keeps this scenario a distant dream for roughly half the year. That’s why everyone will enjoy this low-impact class—only in the studio you are met with resistance-induced hill climbs and the wind of the fans for an authentic cycle experience.

In the RISE Cycle studio, clients are encouraged to go at their own pace, set goals for their personal fitness level, torch calories, and have fun. The “have fun” part is what makes RISE Cycle truly unique, as each instructor lets his/her personality shine via their class playlist—which is always energetic! And their electricity and motivation flood the intimate studio space, bringing waves of energy to every rider. This enables clients to reach their perceived exertion yet still be encouraged to kick up their resistance and RPM to achieve a new personal best.

Also unique to RISE Cycle is that each instructor leads clients through free weight exercises while on the bike. This muscle toning while spinning encourages a strong, tight core and delivers a full-body workout.

RISE Cycle offers myriad classes each week. We hope to see you in the studio for this butt-toning, thigh-slimming, musically motivating ride!

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