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If you’re part of the RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle community, you know what sets us apart. We are coining the feelings of connectedness, community, inspiration, and mutual respect felt at RISE Fitness under a single umbrella: RISE-isms.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, “ism” is defined as a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory. If you’re new or thinking about joining the RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle community, here are a few of the motivating RISE-isms you’ll soon become familiar with.

In Kettlebell: “We’re going to leave here feeling like a million sweaty bucks” and “Star jump burpees – they are so much fun!” and "YES, you can!"

In RISE Cycle: “You’re on that hill. Now push harder, like you are racing toward your goals… remember why you are here.”

In Fusion: “Feel the burn… it burns so good!”

In Barre: “When you want to quit, don’t… that is when the change happens. That is why you're here."

In Sculpt and Sweat: “You’re body is only as strong as your mind. Don’t let your mind stop you. You can do this.”

In Zumba: “Shake what your mama gave you.”

In Power Circuits: “This is just one minute of your day. That's it. Give me everything you've got."

Make the first step toward your fitness: show up. RISE Fitness + RISE Cycle will do the rest—motivate you and push you to reach your fitness goals with the encouragement, motivation, and support needed to achieve success. Come hear these RISE-isms, among many others, at any of our scheduled class and witness these theories in action!

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