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"We are so excited about our newest additions to our studios and feel these raw, cold-pressed juices are a wonderful & natural complement to our existing products and services at RISE Fitness + Cycle.  Whether you're an active fitness enthusiast or simply enjoy the fresh taste and healthy benefits that cold-pressed juice offers, we're confident you'll love these new offerings!"


- Janelle Sullivan, Owner of RISE Fitness + Cycle


made exclusively for RISE

We have thought through every detail from the finest organic ingredients to the fun names.

Each 16 oz bottle of our hand-crafted, raw, organic juice contains 3-5 POUNDS OF FRUIT AND VEGGIES that have been carefully selected and then cold-pressed for maximum absorption of phytonutrients, minerals, and enzymes.  These delicious, fresh juices from RISE provide a natural and convenient way to nourish, repair, and cleanse our bodies.

 why cold pressed?

Cold-pressed juices allow your body to maximize the absorption of key nutrients that absorb in your blood stream rather than your digestive system - allowing for quicker absorption and benefit to your body.


Cold pressing is a technique that uses a custom hydraulic press that applies thousands of pounds of pressure to gently extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  With minimal oxidation (exposure to air) and heat, cold-pressing preserves these essential phytonutrients providing the cleanest and smoothest tasting juice!  It's this process that makes

our raw cold pressed juices are good for 5 days!

how does ordering work?


Clients and juice lovers can place advance orders for pick-up at the studio in four ways:


1.  RISE Website


2.  The RISE APP


3.  E-mail


4.  Old fashioned way:

come into the studio

(499 Pennsylvania Avenue)


All five (5) of our unique and healthy RISE juices will be made to order and delivered fresh to the studio for pick-up beginning every Monday between 5:00-8:00 AM and 9:00-11:00 AM.



Please note that order deadlines for the following week delivery will be Friday @ 5:00 PM.  

(For example, if an order is placed on Thursday, pick up will be available at RISE Fitness beginning at 5:00 AM or later on Monday.)  



We will have a limited supply of juices on-the-go without pre-order. However, to guarantee your favorite juice is available, we encourage you to take advantage of the pre-order option.  Our raw cold pressed juices are good for 5 days.

Great for post workout

collard greens
jicama, parsley
apple, romainE
Celery, lemon
spinach, kale

Woop is great for hydration.  It's a natural Gatorade for post workout

cucumber, apple
aronia berry
celery, lime

Joyful Bittie is a great morning pre ride, or good for post recovery

alkaline water, dates
maple syrup
Himalayan sea salt
cacao, tigernut

Gym Buzz is a juice overall great for vitality both pre or post workout.

spinach, cucumber
parsley, celery
lemon, ginger
kale, apple

Cardio Junkie is great post workout, a natural Gatorade.  Great for hydration and recovery.

cucumber, apple
celery, lime
Juice order
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