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new clients

1st class free

(local clients only)



(this must be purchased in-studio)

New Client Unlimited Month


(good at both fitness and cycle studios)

class packs

Single class






20 pack


All class packs are good at both

RISE Fitness and Cycle studios and have a

one year expiration from date of purchase.  


Unlimited One Month


(good at both fitness and cycle studios)

In order to help all our clients get into the classes they want, we enforce our cancellation policy. All classes must be canceled at least ten hours in advance or you will be charged a late fee of $10 or a class will be deducted if you have a class pack  If you have any questions about what classes are waitlisted, please don't hesitate to ask.

UNLIMITED auto-renew

6-Month Unlimited Fitness Only



6-Month Unlimited Cycle Only



6-Month Unlimited

Fitness and Cycle*


12-Month Unlimited Fitness Only*


12-Month Unlimited Cycle Only*


12-Month Unlimited

Fitness and Cycle*



*Can be put on hold once during one year time period due to a documented medical condition.

All 12-Month Unlimited clients will receive the following:

  • 5 passes for friends and family to attend each year

  • 30% off a retail purchase (up to $250 retail price), twice a year.

  • One cancellation fee waived per month (see new policy below)

  • Access to sign up for classes for the entire year

POLICY Changes as of January 1, 2018


We have received feedback that using the wait list to determine whether a late cancellation charge should be processed is confusing and frustrating for our clients as well as our studio operations.  To simplify the process, our class cancellation policy will be changing beginning January 1, 2018.  

The policy will be 12 hours in advance of the class start time regardless of whether or not there is a waitlist.  Therefore, to avoid a fee or deduction of class pack, please cancel out of a class 12 hours prior to the start time.

a) For you our 12-month unlimited members, if you cancel out before the 12-hour late cancel window there is no fee.  If you cancel within that window or fail to show for the class, the fee is $10.  Also, we understand that life happens and that clients miss class for reasons out of their control. Therefore, all 12- month unlimited clients will receive 1 "Life Happens" pass per month that can be used to waive a late fee.  Your first instance during each calendar month will be waived, however, subsequent late cancels that month will be charged accordingly.  Finally, it's important to note that "life happens" passes do not accumulate throughout the year, but reset at the start of each month.


b) For our class pack clients, if you do cancel within the 12-hour window or fail to show for class, instead of a fee, a class will be deducted from your package.


We aim to have the friendliest cancellation policy in the industry.  We have made these changes based on feedback from our clients in an effort to simplify the policy, encourage accountability and be fair to all parties.  Thanks for your feedback and understanding.

Single Reservation - $20

Single Zoom Reservation - $12


Pack Options (to be used toward any attendance option)

         5 pack - $85

         10 pack - $160

         20 pack - $285


Zoom Only Pack Options

         5 Pack of Zoom - $50


Membership Options -

         Month to Month Fitness and Cycle (Includes Zoom) - $179 per month, no contract        

         Month to Month Unlimited Zoom - $129 per month, no contract


         6 Month Contract Fitness Only/Cycle Only (Includes Zoom) - $149 per month, contract

         12 Month Contract Fitness Only/Cycle Only (Includes Zoom) - $129 per month, contract

         6 Month Contract Unlimited Fitness and Cycle (Includes Zoom)- $179 per month, contract

         12 Month Contract Unlimited Fitness and Cycle (Includes Zoom)- $159 per month, contract

                  30% off retail twice a year (totaling $250 or less each time)

         4 Month Contract Unlimited Zoom - $119 per month, contract



If you wish to break your contract, there is a $100 early termination fee.


Late Cancelations: Due to a limited number of reservations, our cancelation policy within 12 hours prior to a reservation is a $20 charge to you. If you have a class-pack, you will lose one class from the pack and endure the $20 charge. Please know that if you cancel you are truly preventing a fellow Riser from participating.

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