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Welcome to the 2018 RISE Back to School Team Challenge!


We are excited about your participation. As always, we try to make each RISE Challenge unique and fun.

The 2018 RISE Back to School Challenge is less about restrictions and more about what we SHOULD be doing for our bodies.  As with other RISE Challenges, the key components are teams, spirited competition, nutrition, exercise, points, accountability, community and positive energy!

Teams will be comprised of 2 people.  While not necessary, we recommend picking a partner with the same “Personal Point” goal to maximize the support and encouragement that you can provide for each other.  There are three Personal Point options: 1) no processed sugar; 2) no alcohol; 3) staying within your day’s calorie limit.


The 6-week Challenge will begin on Saturday, Sept.8 and end on Saturday, Oct. 20.  

Our Mid-Point Meeting will take place on Thursday, Sept 27. There will be a party to announce and celebrate the winners at the end of October.

The first day of measurements will be at the Kick-Off Meeting on Wednesday, September 5 at 8:00 pm at RISE. Measurements will also be taken at the half-way mark on Sept. 27 and during the last week of the Challenge.  If you cannot attend a measurement session, you need to make arrangements for alternative measurements with someone from the RISE Challenge Team.  If this does not occur, you will not receive points for your measurements.

important dates

 Kick-off Meeting

Wednesday, September 5, 8PM

Halfway Point Measurements 

Thursday, September 27


There will be optional weekly coaching meetings every Thursday evening at 7:30 pm at RISE. This will be another opportunity for support in a smaller group, outside of your partner. 

September 13:

Challenge Q&A and Essentials for Success, including go- to grocery

items and online tools.

September 20:

A sample of what a typical RISE challenge diary looks like for the week

and how to incorporate in your life.

September 27: 

Mid-Point meeting: Education on Sugar and Fitness Class TBD

October 4:

Surviving a party + what to eat from restaurant menus.

October 11:

Meal prepping for success 

October 18:

 Maintenance:  How to survive without the RISE Back the School Challenge.

FOR THE 2018
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